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Interested in original stories with flawed, but relatable characters?
Then buckle up … and take a ride with an everyman.
The Curmudgeon and the Wormhole

Norman Dohring doesn’t own a smartphone. He’s driven the same truck for twenty years. He’s tough, hardworking, and self-sufficient. For a human.

When a wormhole transports Norman to the planet Bomba, he encounters a species that’s bigger, stronger, and able to handle Bomba's scorching weather and 31-hour days. Norman struggles to survive. But he'll have to because there's a person on Bomba who needs his help. It's someone he knows, someone he loves.

To reach them, Norman will have to cross a hostile landscape that's home to a species who despises humans and their filthy habits. It'll be the hardest trek of Norman Dohring's life, but he might just be stubborn enough to make it.

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Teleportation Battle

Someone has left a crate in the basement of Graham Doubleday’s new house. Inside he finds wires and panels and circuit boards. It’s an unassembled machine.

With the help of his son, Graham builds it. He learns that the machine can send and receive physical objects. And every day Graham receives a new transmission, each one more bizarre than the last.

Then the objects become personal, items only Graham would understand. So he decides to send a few gadgets of his own. But to discover who is on the other end, Graham Doubleday will have to send the ultimate transmission — himself.

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The Forgotten Earth

There’s only one house on the Forgotten Earth. It has a single occupant.

That hasn’t stopped men from trying to find it. They’ve read the passages and know the significance. Of course, not everyone believes. Joe McGee doesn’t, and why would he? This house is not on any map and Joe’s not one to question things.

But on his flight out of Oregon, Joe’s plane crash-lands, passing through the threshold of the Forgotten Earth. There he finds his estranged father and a minimalist group known as the woodsmen.

They all want to be the first to enter the house. But he who finds it, must be prepared to face the man inside.

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Pilgrimage of an Android

"Humans. Can't live with them, can't kill them." It's an old android joke, but no longer applies to Annie. She's an android who's wanted for murder.

Annie escapes to the Appalachian Trail, but a new breed of human has been sent to hunt her down. The press has labeled them E2s. They're efficiency experts, whose rigid lifestyles allow them to compete with the latest robots. But for this E2 it's personal. He doesn't just want to catch and recycle Annie, he wants to beat her to Mount Katahdin. Because he believes he can. Because he believes he's better.

But there's a reason Annie has chosen the Appalachian Trail. This isn't just a hike. It's a pilgrimage.

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I'm Not Weird, I'm Just Quiet

There’s something you need to know about Colin Quigley — something he wished everyone knew—he’s just quiet, there’s nothing actually wrong with him. He’s not weird, he’s not creepy, and he doesn’t have a medical condition. Colin simply doesn’t talk much.

In fact, his talk-capacity is only three-hundred and thirteen words. Once he reaches that limit, things get ugly. He becomes tired, grumpy, and eventually shuts down completely. Luckily, Colin has discovered a few tricks to keep his talk-capacity under control. He sits by himself on the bus, rushes through meals to avoid excessive conversation, and fakes the occasional case of laryngitis.

All things considered though, Colin has a nice, quiet life. That is, until his loud, obnoxious cousin Reagan comes to live with him. Reagan rips through the Quigley family like a talking-jackhammer.

With his talk-capacity depleted and his energy level crumbling, Colin devises a plan to restore quiet to his house. But to carry out his plan, Colin Quigley will have to do something he’s never done before — he’ll have to out-talk a talker.

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J.F. Wiegand

I’m pretty average — a lot like Joe McGee from my first book, The Forgotten Earth. As with Joe, I enjoy hiking and biking, recently completing the C&O Canal towpath (picture above). When I’m not working, writing, hiking, biking, or parenting, I try to take a few minutes to myself because like Colin Quigley from I'm Not Weird, I'm Just Quiet, I'm a bit of an introvert. And if I don't get that quiet time, I become a lot like Norman Dohring from The Curmudgeon and the Wormhole.

I live in Mount Airy, Maryland, where I'm currently working on my next project, a Sci-Fi thriller. Use the option below to be notified when it's available.

I hope you enjoy my books. I wrote them for you—the everyman.


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