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Teleportation Battle

Chapter 1

The truth.

I hear you must face it.

I hear it’s more powerful than love, fame, or money.

I hear it will set you free.

If only. Real truth is complex, like life, like this story. You won’t see real truth on social media. You won’t see it on CNN or Fox News. You won’t hear it from your neighbors. Or your wife. Or your kids.

But you’ll hear it from me.

It took a long time for me to accept what happened. But I have. It’s incredible how your perspective changes with time. What about you? How do you view past events? Are they different than you remembered? No? What if you looked closer?

I’m going to tell you what happened. Of course, I can’t say you’ll like what you hear, but it will be the truth.

And so starts Teleportation Battle.