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Teleportation Battle
Someone has left a crate in the basement of Graham Doubleday’s new house. Inside he finds wires and panels and circuit boards. It’s an unassembled machine. With the help of his son, Graham builds it. He learns that the machine can send ... Read more
The Curmudgeon and the Wormhole
Norman Dohring doesn’t own a smartphone. He’s driven the same truck for twenty years. He’s tough, hardworking, and self-sufficient. For a human. When a wormhole transports Norman to the planet Bomba, he encounters a species that’s ... Read more
The Forgotten Earth
There's only one house on the Forgotten Earth. It has a single occupant. That hasn't stopped men from trying to find it. They've read the passages and know the significance. Of course, not everyone believes. Joe McGee doesn't, and ... Read more
I'm Not Weird, I'm Just Quiet
There’s something you need to know about Colin Quigley — something he wished everyone knew — he’s just quiet, there’s nothing actually wrong with him. He’s not weird, he’s not creepy, and he doesn’t have a medical condition. Colin simply... Read more